Augentius is in the process of becoming part of the SGG Group (subject to regulatory approval). Once the transaction has completed Augentius will become part of the world’s 4th leading investor services firm in the world with over $400 billion of assets under administration, backed by a team of over 2350 professionals servicing assets across 24 jurisdictions. Full details can be found here.


Augentius sets the standard for AIFMD Depositary services. It has been involved with regulators in the development of the legislation, as well as with managers in the development of its services; to ensure they are sensible and pragmatic, offering more experience in the sector than anyone else.

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Augentius Depositary Services

The Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive [AIFMD] introduced the concept of a Depositary, something that Real Assets funds (Private Equity, Real Estate and similar) had never previously had to consider.

The role of the depositary is to carry out “oversight” over the assets. Not to hold them in custody, but merely to “keep an eye on them”. Making sure that any cash drawn down by the fund is applied properly (daily cash oversight), that assets purchased are properly purchased in the name of the fund and that when assets are disposed of, the proceeds are correctly applied back to the fund. Finally, there is a level of responsibility to ensure the manager is, in general terms, complying with the AIFMD as applicable to them.

Having been involved in the evolution of the Directive and the creation of the AIFMD Depositary concept from the very beginning Augentius has created a series of simple, unobtrusive and economic processes to ensure a manager meets all their obligations.

Highlights of our Service:

  • Augentius monitors bank accounts no matter where the fund banks – no need to change bankers
  • Assets are monitored unobtrusively and professionally
  • Oversight is carried out appropriately, professionally and without fuss
  • The Depositary is a stand-alone business within the Augentius Group, staffed with dedicated professionals who are experienced and expert in what they do
  • Charges are directly related to the work involved – not to the value of the fund

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